About me

This. Is. Surreal. It's what we were both thinking as we stole away into the closet for a quick make-out session. Our kids were playing wii, not 20 feet from our room. All five of them. My husband, N, had that look in his eye. You know the one. It's the one that says, 'what kids?'.

Hi, I'm Stephanie. A girl from the Northeast who found herself in the South. Literally and figuratively. I was a practicing pharmacist for many years, but let that go as my family grew bigger. And bigger. And bigger. Throughout all those years my one passion held steady. Photography. I live to photograph life. These days much of my life is spent in and around the kitchen feeding my family. As the saying goes....Art imitates Life... so here I present my art and my life.

Why Sale e Pepe? Simple. Some of my fondest memories of family, food and fun started early on in my childhood with my Sicilian grandmother. Salt and Pepper. Simple as that.
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