Friday, January 6, 2012

Think Three Sixty Six

I'm finding myself inspired by all these people who have embraced this '365' idea, whether it be writing down one thing you are thankful for everyday, or reading a new book to your child everyday,
or taking one picture every day.
which I should be able to do
no problem.

For me, this is a challenge
but one I am willingly taking on.
I won't be able to spend the amount of time I'm used to on a photo.
I'll have to trust my instinct,
and embrace the moment.

Here's to throwing caution to the wind....

                                                   ...and away we go.....

clementines 1/6/12


  1. Stephanie, I love the colors in the photo! Looking forward to seeing your work:)
    I decided to do the same thing, but in order to get better at photography. I don't know if I'll dare post my pics:)
    Happy New Year!

  2. Lana- that's awesome!! We'll find inspiration from each post your photos!! I look forward to seeing them :)

  3. Except that your photos are amazing, and I get giddy if I get my focus right:)

  4. I get giddy too!! Shhh...don't tell ;)


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