Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What inspires YOU?

What moves you?
What makes you feel alive?

These are questions I ask myself.

But really, all I have to do is look in my metaphorical backyard.
The people I gravitate toward;
my closest friends.
and others, not so close, have one thing in common:
They are entrepreneurs.
and I draw so much inspiration from these women.

At some point they stopped making excuses.
stopped complaining.
stopped waiting for someone else to fix things.
stopped saying I can't.

They understood that unlocking their Universe was as simple as saying I can.

The vast majority of my friends have broken out from traditional corporate roles or as stay at home moms and have started businesses of their own.
Some have found work with tremendous flexibility like consulting, property management and clothing sales, and others with much more time demanding responsibilities like running art studios , computer studios and writing for publications.

And some make cheese...

Tasia Malakasis- Head Cheese, Belle Chevre

Enter: my dear dear friend  Tasia Malakasis.
Hers is an inspiring story that showcases letting go of the I can'ts in life and embracing possibility.
It turns out that I can't is a choice.
and so is I can.

She has invited me to be a part of her vision.
Part of her team.
A member of her family.

and I love her cheese :
Roasted Tomato Sandwich

grilled portobello mushroom
Onion Tart
I have taken many of the photographs you see on her website.
My passion for art is fed, as well as my love for food and I strive to be better.
to learn more.
to grow.
Plus, I get to eat what I shoot.

Here's what I mean:

this was one of the first photos I took.
At the time, I thought it was pretty good.
cheese? Or astronaut ice cream?
(Cheese, of course, and we enjoyed the most delicious salad with this cheese crumbled atop.)

and here's a photo from our latest project:

two words: Learning Curve

(This bowl of grits barely made it through the photoshoot...a set of twins diving in face first after 10 minutes.)
a working lunch, so to speak.

Tasia's excitement over these photos was palpable.
and contagious.
I want to learn more
push more
be better.

I also want to see her reach
and learn
and grow.

And she has!

Tasia's company, Belle Chevre, has now outgrown its current facility and she is reaching out to the community, both near and far to get involved and help her grow.
Take a minute to view her KickStarter video and help out if you can.

then ask yourself what makes me feel alive?

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