Thursday, July 21, 2011

My quest to love the blueberry::Blueberry Granita with Ginger

I have a confession to make.
I don't love eating blueberries.
There. I said it.

Sure they are cute and round full of lots of good things.
A superfood I've been told.
But I have yet to pop some in my mouth and think Yeah, baby...this is what it's all about!
Frankly, I find them unpredictable.
The first ones may be wonderful.
But then the following 20 are eh.
And the squishy ones?
No thank you.

And then there are my children.
Though they claim to l.o.v.e them, these maniacal mites morph into mini MacGyvers who manage to magically manipulate the most mundane materials into the most miraculous medieval machinery using a merely a mango and a masher.
Before I know it, blueberries are flying everywhere.

Then what happens?
Someone innocently enough steps on one and drags the pulp and juices through the entire house.
One blueberry can cover approximately 1000 square feet.
Imagine what forty can do.

But I want to love them.
Mostly because they are fun to photograph.

And so I am on a quest to transform this fickle little superhero...
sometimes sweet,
other times squishy...
this wonder of nature...
this deceivingly mobile little fruit
into something I want to invite into my home and enjoy.

My quest has led me to this blueberry and ginger granita.
It's sweet and refreshing with a little kick on the back end from the ginger to balance it out.

For now I'm keeping this to myself.
Sorry MacGyvers.
I just don't feel like cleaning granita off the ceiling fan.

Blueberry Granita with Ginger
*adapted from Gourmet
(I use a turbo charged blender, but I'm sure a food processor will work just fine)
3 tablespoons peeled & chopped fresh ginger
1/4 cup sugar
1 lb blueberries
1 cup water
juice from 1 lemon

Blend together the ginger and sugar until uniform.
Add the blueberries and mix until uniform.
Place a strainer over a bowl and pass mixture through...until uniform.
Discard (uniform) solids.
Pour into an 8x8 baking dish and spread evenly until uniform.
Freeze until uniformly solid.


  1. Sounds good.

    I *just* at a bowl of the buggers covered with blueberry yogurt.

  2. Terry: I'd love to see what you can do with a blueberry :)

  3. This looks amazing. I have the same aversion to blueberries. It is so beautifully photographed. Now I want a granita! Now the real question...what to spike it with!

  4. Dana- Thank you!! And whatever spike you decide on...count me in!!


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