Saturday, March 19, 2011

I might could make you some chocolate milk

Here's another phrase I hear a lot down in Alabama: might could.

It's difficult to remember the first time it was said to me, but rest assured, I was confused.
I'm certain the exchange went something like this:
me, " Can you babysit next Friday?"
babysitter, "I might could...lemme check my schedule."

The meaning? I might be able to or I probably can
I'm not sure what's funnier: the screwed up look on my face, or the sweet babysitter trying to translate this for me.

The best is when I see it written in an email.

Of all the local language I have heard thus far, this one is by far the most foreign.
I have yet to use it in a sentence, other than in lovingly teasing said babysitter.
But hey, you never know.
Stranger things have happen.
One day I just might could.

Chocolate Milk

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