Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bloody Mary

On our way back from an overnight in Nashville, my husband, N, and I took a short detour through the charming town of Franklin, TN.

This is my kind of town.
An eclectic array of small boutiques and mom-and-pop restaurants.
Had I been smart, I would have done my Christmas shopping here.
But I wasn't smart. I was hungry.

We stumbled upon this great little place: 55 South.
It was hopping on a Sunday afternoon with several TVs set to various ball games and lots of people drinking mimosas and Bloody Marys.
I don't watch football...or any other kind of ball, but I do drink Bloody Marys.

We ordered up two and moments later the waitress set down two salt & spice encrusted glasses half filled with ice and vodka.
That was interesting.
Reading the confused looks on our faces she pointed to the far end of the restaraunt and explained their 'Mix-it-yourself' philosophy.

That was really interesting.
And brilliant.

Hands down the BEST Bloody Marys we've ever had.


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