Thursday, October 7, 2010

Minestrone Soup: It takes One pot, whether you make it yourself, or heat it up from a can...

When I was in college I ate a lot of soup.
Out of a can.

What did I know? It was what I grew up with. 
And convenient.
And I'm lazy. 
Anything that required more than one pot was considered gourmet.
Plus, I only owned one pot.

Truthfully, it never occurred to me that I could actually make it, and it might even taste better than what came out of that can, no matter how comforting that red and white label seemed.

So these days I make it from scratch. Partly because it tastes better, but mostly because I can never find my can opener.

Minestrone Soup

*this is a really easy soup that can be made lots of different ways. Just take a look at what you have on hand and throw it in

Poor yourself a glass of wine.

In a big pot saute onions, carrots, zucchini, potatoes,  and red pepper. Add beef stock ( I always use stock: the flavor is more robust than that of broth) and spaghetti sauce. Really, any kind of tomato will do, but I think it tastes better with sauce.

Cook until the vegetables are tender, then add the broccoli until it's soft, but keep it green. Brown broccoli is just plain gross.

Boil some little pasta separately and add to your bowl just before serving to keep it al dente. Otherwise it will get way overdone and make your beautiful soup starchy (don't quote me on this, but I think that's what makes canned soup taste funny. That, and all the chemicals they add)

Top with shaved Parmesan cheese which is easy to do with a vegetable peeler. Salt & pepper to taste.

Crusty french bread is always a plus!


  1. That looks so delicious! You make me want to cook. Actually, you make me want to eat!

  2. What a compliment!!! Thank you!!
    PS: I'm happy to feed you anytime!


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