Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another favorite of mine...this time Chicken Soup

Soups can be really easy to make.  They will simultaneously fill your belly and feed your soul. Simple ingredients meld together to envelope your space in an aroma so hearty you'll feel satiated before that first spoonful leaves your mouth. 

Also, it's a good way to clean out your fridge: that sad looking stalk of celery? Toss it in! Those carrots wilting in that 5 pound bag you bought at Costco thinking you'd snack on those instead of the 5 pound bag of  Kettle Corn? Toss those in too! Onions starting to make your kitchen smell ripe? In you go!! 

I try to make extra so there is some to freeze. I do this with everything
Except eggs.
Because that would be gross.

In a  a former life I was a carb Junkie! White rice was my drug of choice.  I have since seen the light and now gobble up quinoa faster than a 10 year old scarfs down the contents of her plastic orange pumpkin on her way home from trick-or-treating. 
I love the stuff.

Wow that's good!

Chicken Soup 
*I like to kill two birds with one stone (my apologies...i couldn't help myself)) and make chicken salad as well so I boil a TON of chicken when I make this

**please note: the vegetables I photographed for this were not the wilted  ones I am intimately familiar with. Instead I used fresh, beautiful vibrant ones. They are just more photogenic. Go figure!

Obviously, if you start with a whole carcass and boil it for a few hours with lots of vegetables, then pull it out, skim the top layer of fat off, and fish out any remaining bones, you're going to make the best tasting stock you have ever had in your entire life.

But that takes a lot of time...and effort.
And I can be lazy impatient at times.

So here's what I do:  use a good canned stock and boneless, skinless chicken breast. Toss in some onion, carrots, and celery, and let that boil for a while.  When it's cooked through, the chicken will easily fall apart like an overdone ravioli. Remove the chicken and shred it. Using a hand blender puree the vegetables in the pot. I like this a little chunky, but if smooth is your all means. Add the chicken back in. Toss in some cooked quinoa.  Adding something green like parsley or green onions is always nice.

Salt and pepper to taste.



  1. I don't know how you even take these pictures before you gobble up all the wondefulness you create!

  2. Beautiful pictures and styling! I'm a big quinoa fan too but I have to say, white rice is still my favourite...

  3. Thank you Sasa! I grew up with white rice so it's a comfort food for me :)


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