Friday, September 10, 2010

Farmer's Market- Zephyr & Tomato Tart

One reason why I love going to the farmer's market is getting to meet the growers. This past Saturday I stopped at a stand to admire some beautiful yellow squash.  "Zephyrs, that's what those are" the rugged looking man behind the table told me. Yellow and fat on one end; green and skinny on the other (the squash, not the farmer). The yin. The yang. I liked it. So I bought a few... pounds that is.

"What in the world are you going to do with all that?!" He asked me. Well, I wasn't sure, but I knew I'd figure something out. "SOUP!" I replied, not really knowing what else to do with so much of it. I told him I will let him know how it turned out when I see him next week. He asked me to email him the recipe to post on his website. Isn't that something?  Here's this farmer, whose first memories probably date back to the Great Depression, standing across from me, and I could just picture him out in his fields, tending his crops and updating his blog on his iPhone. Oh, and I'm sure he Tweets.

So I made a soup, similar to this one. However, I realize I have not been writing this blog long enough to justify repeating myself {already}. Instead, I will offer up my go-to recipe for anything that has come from the ground...not fallen on the ground, although....

I usually have frozen pie crust slumbering in my freezer, but today I didn't so I prepared a simple tart crust, which forgive me, but I don't really have  recipe for. I basically just throw about a cup of flour into a bowl, add a hunk of butter and some iced cold water.. or milk...or half-and-half... or cream (you get the idea) and I pinch it and mix it until it looks about right. Sometimes it's REALLY good...sometimes it's just eh. At some point  I should really figure this out ( mental note: possible New Years Resolution).

So I looked upon my heaping mound of Zephyrs. Grabbed one and started chopping. I sauteed it with some onions.  {Just a side note: everything tastes better with sauteed onion. Seriously.} I then fork-whisked a few eggs with some milk and goat cheese. Dumped the sauteed vegetables in with the egg mixture and used a spoon to divvy it up in to the little tartletts I had prepared. Topped it off with some heirloom tomatoes I bought at a side-road stand {that, by the way, has an 'Honesty Policy'. I kid you not.  Nobody mans the stand. The owners simply leave a jar for you to put your money in.}

They took about 5 Pandora songs to bake (which is probably around 15 minutes). But only 3 minutes to devour!


pie crust
zephyr squash
salt & pepper to taste

Gently press dough into tartlet pans. Saute squash and onions until soft. In a bowl whisk together a few eggs and milk . Add salt & pepper. Add sauteed vegetables and chopped tomato to egg/milk. Divide among tartlet pan. 

Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes until the egg looks just set.


  1. I LOVE your free-form recipes!!!! It's my kind of cooking. These look delicious!
    And I agree with you - everything does taste better sauteed with a little onion. My cooking credo - it's amazing what salt, pepper, olive oil and garlic and/or onions can do for just about ANY thing you want to cook - except maybe brownies :)

  2. YES!!! As for the brownies..... I'm working on something just for you!


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