Monday, August 30, 2010


I discovered the thrill of the CSA a few years ago when I was still living up North. I was in the car listening to the radio and they were discussing Community Sponsored Agriculture. This is for me! I thought... I can support a local farm that grows fruits and vegetables in a healthy, sustainable way. I won't have to worry about pesticides and genetically tinkered frankenfood.  And I can feel good about minimizing my carbon foot print by decreasing the miles my food travels to get to me.

Also: I'm lazy and I don't like to try new things. Well, okay, maybe that's not entirely true, but I, like everyone else, find myself stuck in a rut every now and again where all I can remember cooking is spaghetti and hamburgers. With a CSA you get a box of goodies once a week with stuff you may not normally buy at the grocery store (in quantities you most definitely would not buy at the grocery store). It's like being on Iron Chef, minus the alligator testicles.

When I moved down South I thought I would have even better access to fresh vegetables...with all this space and fertile soil. Instead, fast food chains have sprouted ( I counted 50 in a 5 mile stretch from my home). I won't go into my usual tirade of the evils of fast food (right now)...just take a look around. 'Nough said.  There are wonderful farmer's markets that run from the summer-fall, which I love, but you do have to get there early and in the beginning it can be a little overwhelming. Also, it takes me forever to get through because I like to everyone.

A rather resourceful neighbor of mine organized with Doe Run Farm to make the little neighborhood I live in a drop off point. So once a week I stop by her house (along with 30+ other families) and pick up a box of fruits and vegetables that were picked earlier that day...still warm from the morning's sun.  There are times when we plow through the box on the way home: our teeth stained blue from the berries, our chins and fingers sticky with peach juice before we even enter the front door.

Sometimes I get stuff I've never seen: like these delicata. Even the name is beautiful. The farm always has great recipes to go along with their fare, but this one I got here.


olive oil
salt & pepper to taste

Peel and cut the squash into small cubes ( about an inch). Steam for about 7 minutes. They are done when they are softened, but firm. Drizzle with olive oil.  Splash on some OJ. Sprinkle some chopped rosemary on top. Salt and pepper finish it off. Toss gently.


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