Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Orange Bread with Goat Cheese and Fresh Strawberries

It doesn't always happen, but when I can motivate my troops I love to go to the farmer's market early on Saturday mornings. Growing up my mother planted a HUGE garden that fed us all summer. I used to think it was because she liked gardening. But now I think she probably didn't want to drag us all (kicking and screaming) to the grocery store.  Since I don't have the same land luxury, nor patience, I happily make my way to the next town. 

The farmer's market here is not just herbs and vegetables. They sell all sorts of wonderful things: handmade pottery, jewelry, cards,T shirts and local honey. They make pickles and spice packets, and chow chow (which I like to buy if only for the name...) And they bake. 

Boy to they bake! Lots of deliciousness here. My favorite: the breads. Sweet or savory. I usually buy one of each. Last Saturday I picked up a loaf of Orange Bread. Not knowing what to expect, I popped it in my fridge and forgot about it. Until today. I toasted two thick slices then schmeared on some goat cheese. (my favorite Belle Chevre) and topped it off with some almost over-ripened strawberries.

The sweetness of the bread, mingled with the tangy chevre, and juicy strawberry was heavenly. Needless to say, they didn't stay around for very long.
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