Thursday, July 29, 2010


I don't have an actual recipe for cherries...they never seem to last long enough to find their way into one. If you are looking for a yummy treat check out Cannelle et Vanille or Tartlette...those ladies are the Stone Fruit Goddesses, as far as I'm concerned. However,  the other day I found myself tenderly holding a huge box filled with the most beautiful Rainier Cherries. Each one colored so beautifully: soft yellows melting into lush reds.  Firm and juicy flesh that made a gentle snap sound when pierced. MMmmmm cherries.

A difficult fruit to photograph if only because I have little self control. I was motivated by my tastebuds to quickly take a photograph I liked,  just so I didn't have to wait any longer to enjoy them!

While I was shooting I found myself lost in a childhood memory. I was about 6 years old and visiting my mother's family in Germany. My Oma had this fabulous backyard whose perimeter was lined with raspberry bushes; and in the middle was a GIGANTIC Cherry Tree. We would start out at one end of the yard and stuff ourselves with the juicy pink berries until our fingers were stained and our teeth hurt from the little seeds stuck between them. Then we would venture into the Cherry Tree. We had it in our heads that the best tasting ones were up high and so we'd egg each other on: Climb Higher! Climb Higher! I was the daring one ( read:crazy) who would venture the highest. I was also the also the one who was too scared to climb down and had to be rescued by my Uncle Bernhard. Twice.

Funny how a little piece of fruit can bring you back to a memory and a feeling from so long ago.

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